2002 Contest Results

The band was the Grade 2 Aggregate Champion for the third year in a row but was disappointed with 8th place at the Worlds. The cancellation of Bridge of Allan for the first time in 151 years was a disappointment because the band enjoys the contest and the day. A broken drum head 3/4s through the medley at the Worlds was an unfortunate but unforseeable problem. On the bright side, we won another bottle of the infamous "Lone Piper Scotch" for playing up the street at Inverkeithing.

GAMES M.S.R Medley Overall
British Columbia Indoor Contest 2nd
Bellingham Highland Games 1st
Abbotsford Highland Games 1st 1st
British Columbia Highland Games 2nd 2nd
Mount Vernon Highland Games 1st
Portland Highland Games 1st 1st
Penticton Highland Games 1st 1st
Seattle Highland Games 2nd 2nd
BC Pipers Aggregate Champions Grade 2
Inverkeithing Highland Games 1st
Bridge of Allan Highland Games
World Championships Glasgow