2003 Contest Results

The band had a good start this season with solid performances at all our outings. We have had encouraging results from the drum corps and have seen definite progress with our new players. We were hoping to make a good impression in our first appearance back East in over five years. The trip back East was great, and we were especially pleased with our playing at Maxville. We felt that it was our best performance of the year.


GAMES M.S.R Medley Overall
British Columbia Indoor Contest 2nd
Courtney Highland Games 1st
Victoria Highland Games 1st 1st
Bellingham Highland Games   2nd
Sons of Scotland Games 1st 1st
British Columbia Highland Games 2nd 1st 2nd
Penticton Highland Games 1st 1st
Mount Vernon Highland Games   2nd
Portland Highland Games 2nd 2nd
Seattle Highland Games 2nd 2nd BC Pipers Aggregate Champions Grade 2
North American Championships/Maxville 6th 3rd 5th
Montreal Highland Games 5th