2004 Contest Results

Alistair Fraser is the bands new lead drummer. Under his leadership we have taken a new direction in terms of drum scores and drum style. The drum section has made great strides since the start of the season and has received great comments on both technique and ensemble. The pipe section has the talent and experience necessary to compete at the highest levels in our grade. We are pleased with our progress so far but our ultimate goal for this season is to improve on our performance and placing at Maxville.
GAMES M.S.R Medley Overall
British Columbia Indoor Contest 2nd
Bellingham Highland Games   2nd
British Columbia Highland Games 2nd 2nd  
Penticton Highland Games 2nd 2nd
Mount Vernon Highland Games   2nd
Portland Highland Games 1st 1st
North American Championships/Maxville 6th 9th  
Montreal Highland Games 1st